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What is the purpose of Life Groups?

The purpose of the Life Groups is to provide the congregation of Calvario with the opportunity to love one another as Christ has called us, to grow in fellowship and encouraging one another through the word of God.


What are the priorities Life Group?

  1. 1) The word of God as the foundation of our conversations.
  2. 2) Constant prayer within the group
  3. 3) Union and mutual care with respect for privacy
  4. 4) Exhortation and help to grow our family in Christ
  5. 5) To serve the congregation and community

Structure of Life Groups

• Each Life Group is structured by an average of 10 people

• A moderator is in charge of directing the conversation and topic of the meeting

• A leader in charge of managing and providing assistance to moderators & hosts

• The Pastor who leads the congregation / Life Groups

Responsibilities of Participants

• Make Life Groups a priority, and to report your assistance to the moderator

• Come prepared with your Bible to participate

• Always maintain privacy in all conversations & prayers in the group always

• Helping to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all

• Be transparent and help or be helped by others

• Pray for the group, moderator, host, leader, Pastor and congregation constantly

• Any type of transactions or business is prohibited within the group

• Motivate others in the congregation to be part of a Life Group

How to be part of a Life Group

• Get in contact with Pastor Christian Cordova

• Fillout an application at the office

• Be ready to love your brothers and sisters in Christ