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Sunday 9:30am & 11:30amLocation

Interpretation RoomLeader

Alfredo Hernandez

(602) 510-0580

About the Ministry:

We are a Christian church that feels the call of God to reach our community by effectively communicating his word in both languages ​​English and Spanish. The Ministry of Interpretation is meant to be used mightily by the Holy Spirit to facilitate communication and eliminate the language barrier that separates the preaching of the listener.


That's why we offer simultaneous interpretation assistance (where the interpreter speaks a few seconds after the preacher) during our Sunday services:
 9:30 a.m. (Interpretation from English to Spanish)
11:30 a.m. (Interpretation from Spanish to English)


To hear the simultaneous interpretation we will provide to the listener a receiver with headphones. This equipment is available and will be provided at the office of the Church. You will be asked to leave a personal identification or car keys during service, in exchange for the equipment provided.


Once the service starts, adjust the volume on your receiver according to your convenience, so that is right for you to listen carefully, but please do not be too high so as not to inconvenience the people who are sitting around you.


If you have any difficulty with the use of headphones during the performance, please see one of our ushers and they will do their best to assist you. After the service is over, please return the handset and headset at the office and will gladly return your driver's license or car keys.


We are happy to honor us with your presence in our services and hope you'll continue to visit in the future. He who serves on the ministry experienced the hand of God, how He uses us as his instruments and how to guide our lips when interpreting. Interpretation team currently consists of five volunteers who attend to provide this service. Our interpreters are Emilie Johannes, Sara Muñoz, Mazie Sun, Christian Cordova and Alfredo Hernandez


"Talk of his glory and his wonders among all peoples and nations"
1 Chronicles 16:24