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Jaymes Romero

(602) 942-7140

About the Ministry:

The Worship Ministries at Calvario focus on helping others turn their eyes and hearts toward Jesus by leading them in adoration, supplications, devotion and praises of our Lord. This ministry includes those who lead worship in all venues of our church including the children's ministries, individual classes or Bible studies that meet on or off campus, and in the sanctuary setting.

It is important for anyone volunteering to be part of a worship team to understand it is a ministry which requires time, energy, consistency and commitment. It is an expectation that all members agree to do the following:

Pray  for the ministry, our church and our community.
Participate in church services and rehearsals faithfully.
Prepare by practicing regularly, understanding that neglect diminishes our potential.
Practice worship whether you be on the stage or off.
Promote the ministry and be seeking other potential musicians who have a heart to lead others in worship.

If you wish to join one of our worship teams, pick up an application in the office or on our information wall.