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Sundays 11:30am


Room # 8


Eddie & Jennifer Villa (623) 341-0745

About the Ministry:

High Schoolers are facing several challenges in their daily walk in Christ, and the goal of this class is to equip the youth to face the trials in this world with a strong foundation in the Lord.


Every class is dedicated to emphasize the Gospel as the main motivation to go against the world, and giving a reasonable ground for their faith is crucial for the youth to present themselves as ambassadors for Christ.


You will find an entertaining learning experience with interaction during the class so everyone can leave with a good understanding of the subject. We promote an environment of friendship and care for one another, so be prepared to be part of a small family within the family of Christ.


Come with your Bible and thirst to learn more about Jesus, and you will be equipped to be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the wonderful hope we have in Christ.